Advanced prognostication in healthcare

Our goal is to improve prognostication for the critical ill patient in different medical fields. We want to achieve this by incorporating detailed information into advanced statistical models

Optimizing patient safety

The reason behind this project.
If we can't understand and predict the deterioration, we can't prevent it.

Our projects

We are currently working on improving prognostication for patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Our next project is about cardiac arrest survivors.

The future

Our hope is that these models could be integrated into the electronic journal system whereby increasíng the level of care for our patients.

It has been said before,

how computers would changes the health care system. Along with the majority of physicians and nurses in the front line, we are still waiting for the promised change. Yet, we are optimistic that data science will improve the care for our patients. So what is the difference this time? An increasing amount of data on each patienta are being generated every day, combined with improved statistical methods and data power have made this possible.  Machine learning or the more popular term artificial intelligence is the term used for these statistical methods.

After publishing our research in peer-reviewed journals, we will make some of the these models (beta-versions) available to test on our website.  Our hope is, these models can be integrated in the electronic journal system to increase the safety for our patients admitted to the intensive care department.

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